So you can’t run SL.

So you can’t run SL. Why do you feel the need to take it out on those of us who can?

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A little request for mall owners

I know I’ve already posted about this many times over but it can’t be said enough.

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So the merge is happening…?

Kind of. LL seems to be taking their sweet ol’ time about it.

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I figured display names would be screwed over

And guess what? LL did what they do best, as always.

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Time to bitch about the Grid Merge

If you follow me on Plurk you’ve probably noticed that I go batshit on pretty much any post about the upcoming Grid Merge.


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Viewer 2 – Second Impressions, Part 1

Remember when Viewer 2 first came out? Remember all the hype? I figured I should see what all the fuss was about, and… well, my first experience with Viewer 2 didn’t go very well.

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Custom avatars are expensive. Of course.

I’m sorry. Just, honestly, my mind’s been blown.

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