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Happy Merge Day

Yeah, short blog post.

Happy Merge Day. 🙂

Hopefully within the next few weeks this will all be forgotten and business will continue as usual.


So the merge is happening…?

Kind of. LL seems to be taking their sweet ol’ time about it.

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So how small is the Teen Grid?

I’m sorry, the whole thing with adults not getting how tiny the Teen Grid actually is really bothers me. Honestly, it’s not as if there’s a whole ‘nother Main Grid being merged into the current one.

So, a quick cap of some metrics for the two grids, courtesy of Daniel Voyager’s Blog* and Second Life Grid Survey.

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A TG Memory: Edu-Sims

Teen Grid is quite small. When I left, there were about five or so Resident-owned sims, and they were mostly all either rental plots or army bases. Aside from these, all that was really there was the Mainland and the plethora of sims to the south of that, which most teens really didn’t bother with.

Truth be told, these were my favorite islands. While most of them were closed to the general population, save for those who were part of the school district or program that the island was made for, there were a few that were open to the public, and they often had the most interesting places on the entire grid.

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A TG Memory: The Grid Merge

I was cleaning out my inventory and found this – a notecard I wrote a year ago (quite literally) of my opinion on the Grid Merge. I was going to send it out in a notice to my friends group, but I don’t think I ever did.

I just thought I’d share this – my thoughts on the merge while I was still a Teen Grid resident.

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A TG Memory: Holy Snap, You’re Skinny

Something I hadn’t really taken notice to until recently was the great difference between Main Grid shapes and Teen Grid shapes, especially for girls. Guys stayed pretty consistent, believe it or not.

I think you could have guessed this: Teen Grid girls are skinny.

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A TG Memory: Partnerships

On the Main Grid, partnerships mean a variety of things, from what I have seen, including a very close friendship, a romantic relationship, and so on. On the Teen Grid, however, partnerships are generally reserved for serious relationships.

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