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KZK Wolves

I logged in to my alt’s account for the first time since last year. She wears a white KZK v3 wolf, which I forgot to grab the update for. So… one of the first things I did today was run over, grab that, and put it on.

I… wow.

I *have* messed about with the v4 wolves. I have a v3 and v4 timber wolf on my main account. On its own, the v4 is nice, but just… It’s a roughly textured husky morph.

I’m sorry. I know that’s blunt.

I posted this on SLARF’s review of the v4 wolf.

I agree – that’s pretty much what I’m thinking here. I have a timber v3 and v4, and just… There’s no comparing. I wish Sylv had just updated the v3 wolf rather than morphing the husky.
That’s all it is, really – a morphed husky. The legs, feet, tail, and hands are the same; the head and ears are a little morphed. The flexi tail is really hard to look at and it makes me grateful she included a solid tail. The texturing overall is a bit hard on the eyes… It just seems overtextured. Should have been softer.
It just seems rushed overall. :c

I think that sums things up well.

I liked the v3 wolf. It looked different. The v4 is alright, but I really wish she’d done more than just morph the husky.

One other thing that bugs me – no hair is included. Just some chest/back/head fur. I mean, yes, it looks good and all, but most all of her other avs include male and female default hairs. Minor annoyance, I suppose.

Don’t get me wrong – I *love* the KZK avs. It’s just this wolf I have issues with. 😐

I also know it’s a bit late to be bringing this up (the v4 wolf was released last year), but hey, I just today bothered putting one on again.


So you can’t run SL.

So you can’t run SL. Why do you feel the need to take it out on those of us who can?

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