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Abandoning WordPress

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KZK Wolves

I logged in to my alt’s account for the first time since last year. She wears a white KZK v3 wolf, which I forgot to grab the update for. So… one of the first things I did today was run over, grab that, and put it on.

I… wow.

I *have* messed about with the v4 wolves. I have a v3 and v4 timber wolf on my main account. On its own, the v4 is nice, but just… It’s a roughly textured husky morph.

I’m sorry. I know that’s blunt.

I posted this on SLARF’s review of the v4 wolf.

I agree – that’s pretty much what I’m thinking here. I have a timber v3 and v4, and just… There’s no comparing. I wish Sylv had just updated the v3 wolf rather than morphing the husky.
That’s all it is, really – a morphed husky. The legs, feet, tail, and hands are the same; the head and ears are a little morphed. The flexi tail is really hard to look at and it makes me grateful she included a solid tail. The texturing overall is a bit hard on the eyes… It just seems overtextured. Should have been softer.
It just seems rushed overall. :c

I think that sums things up well.

I liked the v3 wolf. It looked different. The v4 is alright, but I really wish she’d done more than just morph the husky.

One other thing that bugs me – no hair is included. Just some chest/back/head fur. I mean, yes, it looks good and all, but most all of her other avs include male and female default hairs. Minor annoyance, I suppose.

Don’t get me wrong – I *love* the KZK avs. It’s just this wolf I have issues with. 😐

I also know it’s a bit late to be bringing this up (the v4 wolf was released last year), but hey, I just today bothered putting one on again.


I guess the Lindens got tired of being griefed with huge penises.

I finally turned Display Names on

I got sick of seeing “___ Resident” as names.

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Calling Cards

I’ve never really understood the point of calling cards. I mean, yes, they’re a quick way to get to someone’s profile… but isn’t it easier to just Search -> People or add them to your friends list?

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Happy Merge Day

Yeah, short blog post.

Happy Merge Day. 🙂

Hopefully within the next few weeks this will all be forgotten and business will continue as usual.

40 Groups

Okay, this is actually kind of a good idea. Upping the group limit, that is.

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