I finally turned Display Names on

I got sick of seeing “___ Resident” as names.

It’s hard to get used to. A friend logs in, I sit and stare… who is shark bait? Oh, wait, nevermind, I remember now.

It’s even more confusing when their name isn’t related to their original signup name whatsoever. Who the hell is cupcakelover12? Oh, wait, yes, demonbloodkill666 Resident. I totally remember now.

I’m not sure if the one-week stall period is still active for changing display names… if it is, that’s the main reason I haven’t set one up for myself yet. I don’t see the point in changing my name if I can’t freely change it back within a few days. (Besides that, I have no idea what name I’d pick.)

(Also, the names above are just pulled out of the air. I don’t really know anyone by those names.)


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Known as Blau Rascon on Second Life, Skye's a somewhat cynical furry with a blog. View all posts by Skye the Ferret

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