Calling Cards

I’ve never really understood the point of calling cards. I mean, yes, they’re a quick way to get to someone’s profile… but isn’t it easier to just Search -> People or add them to your friends list?

So far the only real function they have as far as I’m concerned is screwing you over when you’re browsing your inventory. See, when a contact goes online or offline, your inventory has to refresh to update the calling card (which shows online/offline status). When your inventory refreshes, I’m sure you’ve noticed, you get warped back to whatever item you had selected.

Holy wow, is that annoying.

So yes, there is no reason to keep your calling cards. Delete them, stuff them in a box, forget about them.

Doing so should also help out with inventory lag. Of course, if you have a zillion items, it’s not going to help very much, but it’ll help a little at least.

Just thought I’d mention ❤


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