40 Groups

Okay, this is actually kind of a good idea. Upping the group limit, that is.

I can’t really think of very many good reasons to be a member of forty groups, though. I mean, I can understand if you rent out a lot of mall space or whatnot and have to belong to many groups to do so, or are part of a large club / company / estate / roleplay group that requires you to be in several groups for some reason or another. But, if you’re not… Why do you need forty groups?

On the Teen Grid, I did max out my groups. Twenty-five didn’t seem like enough then. Of course, back then I had my reasons to be in so many groups. A lot of them were closed-enrollment that I went through trouble to get into. On Main Grid, I don’t really have that problem – most of the groups I’m in are open enrollment – but seeing as I’m beginning to rent out mall space for my vendors, I do think that I’m going to be using up a fair few more groups depending on how many malls I rent at.

But, yes. Can anyone give me a legit reason, aside from those mentioned above, as to why we need forty groups? Why not just up it to thirty? Thirty-five, maybe? Why not just double it to fifty? Hell, why not just go OpenSim and do a hundred*?

“More groups are going to lag us!” Yeah, I doubt it. I mean, yes, if you max out your forty groups and all of them are notice-happy, yes, I could see you lagging when you log in due to being flooded with notices (or group chat, since that seems to be deathly laggy in itself). Thing is, the lag, if any, is going to be on your end, not on everyone’s. It’s up to you to pick the groups you’re a part of.

Just… please, why forty?

* I can’t remember exactly what the OpenSim group limit is. Correct me if I’m wrong please~


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