So the merge is happening…?

Kind of. LL seems to be taking their sweet ol’ time about it.

To be honest, I haven’t been keeping up with it very well. Far too much adult stupidity and ignorance for my liking. I do have friends still on the Teen Grid, though, and so far… it’s still there.

I have heard that they’re changing the teen-only sims’ names to Bonobo.

LL. What. The. Shit. BONOBO?

Okay, one, it’s a stupid name. Two, bonobos are horny monkeys. Seriously. They have sex all the time. I heard on Plurk that if you unscramble the letters it says “no boob”, but… BONOBO?


I remember folks saying the TG was going to be closing on the first of the year. Either LL is lazy or they hit a tech hiccup. The first is far more likely, though…

(Yeah. Lazy post. I’m sorry. I just wanted to update this~)


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3 responses to “So the merge is happening…?

  • Daniel Voyager

    I was at Jeremy Linden Documentation Office Hours on MG today and apparently there will be new information about the merge tomorrow at TG office hours.

    Bonobo Isles have now been renamed to Chimp Isles 1-4 on the MG with no access to any of the regions yet. I have no idea what’s going on with this and if LL are taking this seriously.

    That’s the latest I know at the moment.

  • Blaze Borgin

    Hooray for sex monkey islands 1-4!

    Though, they HAVE changed the names now. It’s Monkey Labs 1-4.

    Also, Terrence told me that we’ll be getting an official date sometime this week.

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