A little request for mall owners

I know I’ve already posted about this many times over but it can’t be said enough.

Dear SL mall / shop owners: If you’re going to redesign your mall, notify the renters. Especially if they occupy a spot that’s going to be modified. Nobody wants to have their vendors floating in midair or have stuff put in front of them without being notified. It’s rude.

What do you do when this happens? If you have only a few days left on your rental, terminate the rental. If you have a few weeks left, IM the mall manager and let them know how you feel about this little unannounced redesign.

I’m sorry. This just pisses me off. Yes, you run the mall. Yes, you have the right to redesign. But, seriously guys, can we have a little common courtesy and let people know you’re going to redesign so we can move our vendors!?

I’ll be going back to the mall in a week or so. If stuff’s still floating in the middle of the air (including the rental boxes), I’m not re-renting for a while. If you’re gonna redesign, take care of everything in one shot. Don’t redesign something and leave it for a week, especially if you have other staff members that can take care of it.

We *pay* for the rental stalls. It’s out of our own pockets. You stick stuff in front of our vendors, and we’re not gonna make that money back. Very considerate.

*End rant*


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