I figured display names would be screwed over

And guess what? LL did what they do best, as always.

I’m a bit out of the loop with SL things lately, I do admit. I’ve been off for about a month thanks to 30kbps internet and a graphically challenged laptop. I heard about these things through Plurk.

Let’s talk about display names first. I didn’t think they’d put a limit on changing display names, but it does make sense, doing this to stop people from flipping through names every ten minutes. If they did put a limit on it, I’d expect they’d be reasonable and make the limit be one name change per day, or every other day at the most. They made it one name change per week.

Huh? One per week? What if you typo your name? Ohh, sorry Pauk, we know you wanted to be Paul, but you’re screwed until next week. Sorry Ricl, gotta wait the seven day limit to be Rick again. Sorry Bobjiggler, you gotta hold onto yourself for a while to go back to jiggling your boobs.

I thought display names would still have people using two names. How naive of me. We can have single-word names now. As if it wasn’t bad enough having people not get the two-name sign up system and signing up as sexygrrl22 Thirdlifer or something.

Oh wait. We don’t have a two-name signup system anymore. It’s one name.

The one thing that made SL different from other online worlds was being able to actually pick a name and not just a username. I don’t know what LL was thinking here. This was one of the things that made SL a bit different from everything else. I thought that was what they were going for. Apparently not. Get ready for the influx of sexyboobs48’s everyone!

I like the idea of being able to change your name, don’t get me wrong. I hate it when I sign up for a site and a few weeks later want to change my name and can’t find any way to do so. I don’t know what I was thinking expecting LL to do this non-backassedly.


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3 responses to “I figured display names would be screwed over

  • Blaze Borgin

    Oh god, the new one word names. No more can we have a unique first and last name. No now we have to sign up with one word and the awful “Resident” label slapped on after it. Great. Thankyou linden labs so much for limiting individuality.

  • Wizard Gynoid

    LL’s reasoning, if i understand it correctly, is that they regret the fact that avatars couldn’t have their rl names over their heads. this limits the ability to interface sl with other social networking sites like facebook and twitter. by adding the additional field, they retain the old name field but allow the rl name to be displayed. that field is the one that new signups will display, and that is the field that will ultimately be used to interface to other media.

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