Time to bitch about the Grid Merge

If you follow me on Plurk you’ve probably noticed that I go batshit on pretty much any post about the upcoming Grid Merge.


I’m sick of adults being little brats about this whole thing.

Grow up. You guys are being more of a problem than the three hundred or so teens coming onto the grid.

Changing your Mature islands to Adult to keep teens out, even though it’s very well known that they’ll be limited to G-rated islands? Real grown-up, guys.

Paranoid about having slex with a teen? You probably have. This may come as a shock to you, but teens have been on the Main Grid for years. I know many teens who have told me that they have accounts on Main Grid, and when I transferred, that’s how I kept in contact with a lot of them.

So far, those kids I speak of blend in well with the Main Grid crowd. It’s nearly impossible to tell who’s a teen and who’s an adult in most cases that I’ve run into.

Worried about the teens bringing in drama? Look at all the bitching you’ve created over this. Look at the drama surrounding clubs and whatnot – many I’ve been to have posted NO-DRAMA signs around the clubs. Teen drama is nothing in comparison to Main Grid drama.

Worried about being overrun with teens? There are only about a thousand or so active Teen Grid users per month. Compare this to about SIXTY thousand concurrent users on Main Grid at any given time. Teens are pretty much a drop of water in a lake here.

Teens have a lot to offer. I spent a year on the Teen Grid, and there are several very, very good content creators, scripters, and whatnot there that would benefit immensely and contribute much to the Main Grid. Not all teens are worthless drama queens as a lot of you seem to think.

Want to argue with me about this? Feel free. You can find links to my pages in the sidebar.


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4 responses to “Time to bitch about the Grid Merge

  • Blaze Borgin

    Go Skye!

    I completely agree with you. One thing that is debatable though is the worry of having slex with a teen. The thing is, there wasn’t that big of a risk before if someone had made that mistake since the teens on there were violating TOS. Now that they aren’t, the risks can change if a situation like that is repeated.

    I fully appreciate the adults opposing the merge for our safety and well being. As for the adults who don’t want the “plague of kiddies” griefing and ruining your “crystal clear adult eutopia,” all I can say is that you really need to log out of your fantasy and get out more. I’m sure a lot of things would surprise you.

  • The Spark Master

    I severely approve of this blog. I guess at times it’s too much to ask for maturity and integrity from some adults…
    At any rate, in response to Blaze on the worry adults may have with “accidentally” slexing a teen- before the merge the teens were violating TOS, after the merge both the adult and teen would be in violation of TOS considering that I’m fairly certain sex is prohibited on PG sims, no?

    • SkyeThing

      I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed on PG sims, but whether or not that’s enforced is another story completely.

      • The Spark Master

        C’est vrai. It would be hard to police, but then again the potential legal ramifications that adults are concerned about (as we said slexing a teen) is really a nonissue as teens will not have access to Mature and obviously adult rated sims. I feel my point was that adults are safe as long as they follow TOS.

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