Custom avatars are expensive. Of course.

I’m sorry. Just, honestly, my mind’s been blown.

Do you guys remember last Christmas when somebody put up a $200USD (approx. 50kL$) Christmas tree on XStreet? I do. I thought the price was quite outrageous, but the tree itself was very good, and as someone explained to me, it’s simply a different approach to selling things – even if he only sold a few trees, he made a very decent amount of money. So, in a way, I understand where he’s coming from with that price.

This is a bit of a different story, though. I’m talking about custom avatars, and they’re quite a deal more expensive.

As I’ve mentioned before, here and elsewhere, I am a furry, both in Second Life and out. As such, I wear furry / anthropomorphic animal avatars, and have gotten into the habit of collecting and modifying them. You could call it a hobby, I suppose. However, there are times when I’m aiming for a certain species and it either hasn’t been released yet, or I can’t find or make the parts or textures to create it. So, I browsed around several times with several different creators to see who would take custom orders and how much they would be.

My findings? Many are not open for custom avatars. Some will give or sell you the textures for the avatar you’d like to mod, but that’s quite rare in this day and age with all the paranoia over stolen textures and whatnot. I have, so far, found two creators that take custom orders, and… well. My mind was blown.

One creator charges $300 – 500USD per avatar. The other charges $450, minimum. That’s a range of about 82k – 140kL$.

I need to get the obvious out of the way before people jump on me for it: I do understand the time and effort that goes into creating an avatar. Sculpts, scripts, textures, skins, building, testing. I didn’t expect these things to come cheap. It just blows my mind that it’s several hundred USD for one avatar.

I personally don’t understand that. I can see spending the money to buy and set up a region ($1000 to set up; $295 per month afterward for one normal region). I can see spending $75/year for a Premium membership. I can’t see spending $500 to get a single custom avatar made. I’m sorry. Personally, I’d rather just purchase the next best avatar I can find and modify it myself.

But, oh Blau, what if I can’t mod to save my life?!

There are many other people out there who can help you with that. For a fee, most likely, but what would you rather spend – 80kL$ for a custom avatar, or maybe 500-1kL$ for some modification?

Sorry for the rant. Just… wow.

I used the $1USD = 275L$ conversion for the calculations here. Why? It’s a nice flat rate that’s fairly accurate.

Got any feedback? Questions? Concerns? Please comment!


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