What the hell, LL?

I’m sorry, but banning Emerald just seems like quite the dick move, guys.

Am I missing anything? Is the viewer itself malicious? I know there are a few data leaks in it, but isn’t that to be expected?

To my knowledge, some stuff went down in the Dev team, yes, but other than that, what’s the viewer done to deserve being banned? Explain this to me, guys.


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3 responses to “What the hell, LL?

  • daleinnis

    I imagine the DDoS attempt via the splash screen was part of it. 🙂 And yeah, that “wasn’t in the viewer” in some technical sense, but in practice it was. That’s what pretty much broke it for me, as it became pretty clear it was more than a little prank (it was a big prank…).

  • Brad

    WHAT? NO!!!!!!! Now I’m being forced to use invisiprims on my avatar D:

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