So how small is the Teen Grid?

I’m sorry, the whole thing with adults not getting how tiny the Teen Grid actually is really bothers me. Honestly, it’s not as if there’s a whole ‘nother Main Grid being merged into the current one.

So, a quick cap of some metrics for the two grids, courtesy of Daniel Voyager’s Blog* and Second Life Grid Survey.

Teen Grid
Concurrency: Ranges from 42 – 442
Average Active Per Month: 500
Sims: 214
Map Snapshot

Main Grid
Concurrency: 49,838 – ~60,000+
Average Active Per Month: 686,701
Sims: 31,482
Map Snapshot

If you’re worried about a lot of teens coming into SL suddenly… yeah, you’re not going to really have that problem. However, given time, yes, more 16- and 17-year-olds will register legally onto the Main Grid, seeing as, honestly, a Main Grid account registration is very easy, and I don’t really see LL keeping the backassed way they have of under-18’s singing up after the merge. Honestly, being able to explore SL’s Main Grid, even only PG sims, is far, far more attractive to me, and I’m sure a lot of others will agree, than being stuck on a small, unsupervised (I stress that, unsupervised) grid littered with spam and – ohmigosh! – the not-so-occasional adult content, with none of the wonders and interesting things to do that probably lured them in in the first place.

Alright, I’m done for now.

What do you think of the size of the Teen Grid compared to the Main Grid?

*TG Metrics also thanks to Arwyn Quandry and Katharine Berry!

42 to 442 on 214 simsMain

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