Quick Avatar Review – Curious Felis

The Felis is a free anthro domestic cat, provided by Uchi Desmoulins / Curious, Inc. For a free avatar, it’s very nicely done. It’s freely available in the main vendor area on the sim “Curious”.

This review will not include pictures, as I’ve found something a fair deal better – a video.

The avatar is quite well sculpted and textured, surprisingly well, as I said, for a free avatar. However, the avatar only comes in one color – white – so I do suppose that evens things out a bit. The skin is quite plain, just a simple white with some slight shading, and the shapes are… well, what you would expect. However, the male shape is one of those that is actually female, but adjusted to look like a male. With some tweaking, a decent-looking male gender shape can be made out of the default male shape, though it does take away a little bit of the slinkiness that you’d expect a cat to have.

The head surprised me. This avatar’s head had been copybotted onto the Teen Grid, so I was familiar with it for a long while before making it to the Main Grid and getting one for myself. I did expect it to blink, which it does quite well by the way, but what I didn’t expect was the jaw to move. See, the jaw is sculpted onto the head, so it doesn’t take up another attachment slot. However, using a system of quickly changing the sculpt textures, the jaw actually has a very smooth, very nice talking animation. However, because of the way the jaw moves, there are no lower teeth on the avatar, just a tongue.

The avatar does not come with hair, but it’s relatively easily fitted with third-party hairs. Having hair with mod rights greatly helps here, as with most all other anthropomorphic avatars, the head isn’t perfectly shaped for hair to fit on as-is. Surprisingly, a fair variety of hairstyles look good on this avatar, as opposed to some others I have seen.

The eyes are very nicely done, and with the included “Really Crummy Eye Assist Hud”, are easily recolored and – surprise – dilated. Yes, the eyes can dilate! I found, and still do find, this infinitely fascinating. However, the dilation doesn’t seem to stick very well through attaching and detaching the eyes. The eye hud supports hue, saturation, and brightness, and the eyes have two tintable areas of the iris. The eyes don’t support left/right eye dichromatism, though this can be worked around by recoloring one eye, detaching it, recoloring the other, and retaching the other eye.

The hands and feet are basically paw-styled – no poseable fingers here. The pawpads are recolorable; however, they do have a ring of white around them from where the pawpad would be blending in with the base white of the paw, and that makes things a bit strange if you recolor just the paw and not the pawpad.

The lower legs and lower arms both have large fluffs of fur, helping the paws blend in with the mesh. Without these, the ankles and wrists look a bit awkward where they attach to the body, mostly because of their bulk, being paw-shaped and not hand-shaped. These fluffs are made, pretty much, of one sculpt for the fuzz and one or two prims for blending and anchoring. Because of the entire fluff being one sculpt, when the avatar first loads, you usually wind up with giant striped balls on your wrists and ankles, which I admit is quite comical.

The tail and ears are very well done in my opinion. However, they’re perpetually moving. To my knowledge, there is no way to turn them off via chat – the only way is to deactivate or delete the scripts inside them. (If anyone knows any commands to turn them off, please comment! It’ll be much appreciated!)

I have one major complaint other than the perpetually moving ears and tail for this avatar, something that wouldn’t really affect most people wearing the avatar unless they attempted to mod it. When something new is linked to the head of the avatar, because of the way the blinking scripts work, a seemingly random prim is taken over and made into a new set of sculpted eyes, which begin to blink instead of the eyes themselves. This is very frustrating when trying to add an accessory onto the head, such as a tattoo or piercing. I suppose this is made up for, just a little, by the jaw not taking up an attachment point. Still, it would be nice to be able to link the head and another object together without the script malfunctioning.

There are many modkits available for this avatar, including many recoloring ones to, say, make the cat tuxedo-marked or add tattoos. In that regard, the avatar is quite flexible, and this somewhat makes up for the lack of color choices to begin with. (It’s also quite easy to simply edit-recolor the body parts and use a different skin, but that requires a fair bit of modding ability and can be quite irritating, especially with the many prims on the head.)

In short, for a free avatar, the Felis is quite well done, but like all avatars, free or not, it has its minor annoyances. Personally, I love the avatar and wish I had more opportunities to wear it.

For a bit of a more technical review, see the SLARF review here.

Do you have this avatar? What do you think of it? Please comment with your thoughts! I’d love to hear your input.


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