A TG Memory: Edu-Sims

Teen Grid is quite small. When I left, there were about five or so Resident-owned sims, and they were mostly all either rental plots or army bases. Aside from these, all that was really there was the Mainland and the plethora of sims to the south of that, which most teens really didn’t bother with.

Truth be told, these were my favorite islands. While most of them were closed to the general population, save for those who were part of the school district or program that the island was made for, there were a few that were open to the public, and they often had the most interesting places on the entire grid.

My favorites were the British Council Isles. There were three of these islands, geared toward teaching foreign students the English language and, to a lesser extent, general English and British history. Each island was themed with a different period of Britain’s history, the first being medieval (aside from the teleport hub and immediate vicinity), the second being ’60s to present day, and the third being futuristically themed.

My personal favorite was the first isle. There were several quests to be undertaken, such as the Robin Hood and Salmon quests. I personally remember finishing the Salmon and Excalibur quests, quite interesting ones indeed. I started the Robin Hood quest, but it proved quite difficult.
The builds were beautiful and very engaging, my favorite being the haunted house. So eerie, so chilling, especially the Lennon quotes and other scrolling, floating text prims.

There were several other islands open to the general public, several of them mostly abandoned, such as Purpose, MyChina and Qi2. In my last few months on the Teen Grid, I spent most of my time on Purpose, in its quite small sandbox or driving around its twisty, short race course. MyChina was one of the few educational sims that wound up being quite popular with the general population, especially the roleplayers, who found its city setting and various buildings to be quite suitable roleplaying locations. I personally loved the hotel, a beautifully Chinese themed, two-story build that was very warm and inviting. The original purpose of the island was to help with students learning Mandarin Chinese, and some of the quests there, even though I myself don’t speak the language, were quite fun. Qi2 was just an empty island with scripts disabled, but it made a nice login location away from the rest of the grid. Much to my dismay, I learned that shortly after I transferred, both Purpose and MyChina were removed from the grid.

When teens did use educational islands, it was generally for the same reason I stayed in Purpose for my last few months – there were a few islands with open, yet small, sandboxes that were generally quiet, as opposed to the five full-sim, Linden-owned sandboxes that were usually quite busy and were usually the target of sim crash attacks. They made quite nice, quiet places to build and tinker with things, without the worry that the sim might suddenly go down or begin to lag beyond belief.

Just over a year ago, a few months before I left the Teen Grid, I did a full listing of the Teen Grid islands, including the Linden-owned Mainland, the very few Resident-owned islands, and the educational islands, making notes of which ones were open to the public, and which were not. This may give a little perspective on how very few of these islands were open to the public and how small the grid is in comparison to the Main Grid. To view the list, click here.

What do you think about educational islands being open to the public? What about being closed off? What do you think about the size of the Teen Grid? Please comment! I love feedback and mature discussion.


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