A TG Memory: The Grid Merge

I was cleaning out my inventory and found this – a notecard I wrote a year ago (quite literally) of my opinion on the Grid Merge. I was going to send it out in a notice to my friends group, but I don’t think I ever did.

I just thought I’d share this – my thoughts on the merge while I was still a Teen Grid resident.

I still can’t exactly remember how I learned about the Grid Merge. I remember joining the Grid Merge group, though, well before summer started.
The merge was going to happen this summer. That’s all I knew.

Summer came and went.

The beginning of summer, I read an article by M Linden – Apparently, Philip and M (I think) both want a merge to happen, but there are no plans for it.
That pretty much killed things, for me at least.

I left the Grid Merge group in June, I believe, re-joining every now and then to see if anything new was happening. Lately, it’s just become a magnet for those who get their kicks from screwing with the brains of the naive or inexperienced.
Eh, maybe naive isn’t the right word.  The hopeful?


To my knowledge, there is no Grid Merge group on the Main Grid; though, a friend of mine who recently transferred is curious if anybody would join if she were to start one.
The response where she posted that was pretty interesting.

To be blunt, most adults don’t want us on the Main Grid, and if there were a merge, we’d be put under a lot of restrictions on who we can talk to, where we can go, what we can buy, so on so forth. That’s how I see it, at least.

Here’s my personal opinion, finally-
I want a merge. The TG is dying. Slowly, but it’s dying. Our economy is failing, griefers and trolls run crazy, and the PG rule isn’t upheld, period.
I don’t expect the MG will be much better in spots with the last two – I don’t doubt there are places with bad troll problems or misused region ratings. You know? It’s just, the teen grid is so tiny, it stands out so much.

That almost became a ramble in itself.  To be short, I would love a merge, but honestly – until the Lindens say something official, be it in their blog, press release, whatever, I’m not believing anything, especially if it runs out of the Grid Merge group.
You can probably guess how I feel about the new December Merge rumor going around… I’ve yet to see the link the people say they can supply for proof.  Along those lines, I’ll not be on the TG for the merge, though I’d love to see how insane things get.

And- Merging and unmerging would be extremely impractical and pretty expensive, imho. Unless there was a really good reason for it, I doubt the Lindens would do that.

I needed to vent that.

A year ago, the Grid Merge was just a hopeful idea swirling around in the minds of a fair lot of teens. How did you feel about all this back then, before any official announcement about it was made? Please discuss! I love feedback and mature discussion.


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