A TG Memory: Holy Snap, You’re Skinny

Something I hadn’t really taken notice to until recently was the great difference between Main Grid shapes and Teen Grid shapes, especially for girls. Guys stayed pretty consistent, believe it or not.

I think you could have guessed this: Teen Grid girls are skinny.

I don’t really want to use pictures here, especially seeing how tiny my theme is. I also don’t want to use a link. But, I feel this needs to be illustrated.
Yes, I am a furry, and I have (for the most part) always been one on SL. I have but two human avatars and they’ve both been so badly neglected as to be unfit to illustrate this. So, here, fresh out of the box, are some female furries, some from MG, some from TG. Can you pick which comes from where?

Warning: PG Nudity Ahead.

Those are just the default shapes. Many people on TG, myself included, made the shapes skinnier than that.

I brought this up with a friend of mine. We both agreed that it’s most likely from the negative body image pushed on teen girls – that they’re supposed to be very skinny, flat stomach, all that. They take that negative image and use that to make their avatars as they think women should look.

I find myself staring strangely at skinny girls nowadays, but from time to time the thought crosses my head – That’s what most girls on TG looked like. Disproportioned, unhealthily thin, usually quite short. On the Main Grid, at least girls make an attempt to have curves. I didn’t see that very often on Teen Grid – The only curves a lot of the girls on there had were breast and butt sliders, nothing else.

As I said, guys stayed pretty much consistent across both grids. You get your share of macho, all-muscle-sliders-to-100 guys and your share of average, decently proportioned guys. It’s about the same, except everyone’s a lot taller on MG.

What do you think of the shape differences between grids? Is it very noticeable, or small enough to be disregarded? Please comment! I love feedback and mature discussion.

Also, credits to the following creators for their avatars:
Deadwolf, Blood666Vampire Productions, LuperCaleb, Tokushi, Curious Inc, Kinzart Kreetures


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