Bark Bark Bawk

I actually kinda like the idea of SL pets, like dogs, cats, bunnies, deer, so on. Breedable ones look like they’re quite fun, but… quite spammy.

Personally I’ve only had shoulder pets and the occasional animal that follows me around. I haven’t had any scripted pets that actually ‘live’, per se, though I would love to get a dog someday when I can afford one.

I haven’t run into the now-infamous Sion Chickens yet, but I have run into the Ozimals bunnies. Those little guys are adorable, but the place I saw them at had about 20 feed bags out, each of which had about three or four lines of hovertext. That’s just unnecessary. On top of that, they had a breeder thing nearby with the same amount of hovertext spam, if not more.

I don’t know if I’m weird or what, but I cannot stand hovertext spam. Either way, I don’t know if the bunnies are physical or not, but if they are, I can’t imagine how much lag that could cause a sim, let alone all the scripting.

Short post, I know. What do you think of these pets? How about specifically the Sion Chickens and Ozimals Bunnies and other breedable, feedable pets? How about shoulder pets? Please comment! I love feedback and discussion.


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