A TG Memory: Partnerships

On the Main Grid, partnerships mean a variety of things, from what I have seen, including a very close friendship, a romantic relationship, and so on. On the Teen Grid, however, partnerships are generally reserved for serious relationships.

I don’t recall overly many teens entering into partnerships, in all honesty. I mean, it wasn’t the most common of events. There were weddings and the like, yes, and I have attended some (well … I had no choice, I was the minister(ess?) and my then-mate was the best man). Nobody I knew of was partnering-happy – that is, I never saw a partner – divorce – partner – divorce pattern.

As for the close friendships thing, more often than not, people just dedicated a profile pick to the person with some long, drawn-out “OMG FRENZ FUREVR”-type spiel. Sometimes, rather than partnering, people would simply do that under their main profile page for their boyfriend/girlfriend/mate/whatever.

I do recall a few times where I’ve had friends begging me for some L$ to either enter a partnership or leave one. That just struck me as sad. I don’t understand the partnership fees – 10L$ from both parties to enter into a partnership, and 25L$ from the requesting party for a divorce. I understand this is probably to discourage people from constantly hopping in and out of partnerships, but such a nominal fee? I would expect one to pay a little more to enter into a partnership and to exit as well. Not that I’m really complaining, just a thought.

I’ve personally been in three partnerships – one on Teen Grid and two on Main Grid, all of which were romantic in nature. The one I was in on the Teen Grid was not terminated, even when the relationship ended, as we remained good friends, and with that, a fun glitch showed up – When I transferred, my partner slot was cleared and I could partner someone else if I so wished. However, my former mate’s partnership slot was not cleared and to my knowledge, he has not cleared it. This has happened with a few other friends of mine who have had partners that transferred. Given that the Teen Grid will soon be no more, I’m curious as to how these leftover partnerships will be handled. Most likely, they will simply be cleared. However, if the partnership transfers over as well, some technological difficulties (and most likely much drama and complaining) will most likely result, seeing as the formerly-single person is now partnered to their ex again, or a newly-partnered resident’s name is now showing up on another person’s profile. Quite an interesting predicament we may have ourselves in, if that happens.

What do you think of partnerships? How many have you been in? What kind? What do you think of teen partnerships? Please comment! I love feedback and mature discussions.


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One response to “A TG Memory: Partnerships

  • arwynquandry

    I remember the TSL weddings and thought they were hilarious. Never entered into a partnership, but there was one particular guy I would have wanted to ask but was always too shy. When he transfers, I might.

    A few weeks after coming to the MG I entered into my first partnership (and one which I’m still in) with my friend Delora Starbrook. She broke up with her boyfriend and added her alt as her new partner. After asking her about it and joking that I would be hers if she wanted, she sent me a partnership request. We’re very close friends, but not romantic at all.

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