A TG Memory: Money Chairs

I’m sure these exist on the Main Grid as well, but alas, I have not seen any; only lucky letter prize chairs and every so often a timed chair. The traffic gaming ToS whatnots took care of these a few months back.

However, the Teen Grid was (and still is) very poorly supervised, and most teens, to my knowledge, did not care about these new rules.

Traffic on TG is irrelevant; all the big places like Club Eros and Oceanside Mall were very well known anyway and very few people used the Search feature anyway, seeing as it costs money to be listed there and as we all know, money is a bit tight on that grid. Protesting money chairs on Teen Grid because of traffic gaming isn’t really worth the time.

For those of you who have never seen or heard of a money chair, or at least the TG version, here’s a quick description – You sit on the chair (or dance pad, as there were several forms of these) for a set amount of time and you’d be paid a few lindens for so many minutes – 5L$ every 15 minutes, say. These chairs usually had security features build into them to prevent people from simply disabling AFK, sitting on a chair, and leaving their computer on all night.

Money chairs usually showed up in places people wanted to make more popular, obviously. However, these were not kept up for very often, unless the place was run by someone who could afford, as the chairs and dancepads usually got heavily used. The club in the sim Eutopia had several money chairs and a few lucky letter prize chairs; Oceanside Mall had many high-paying money chairs and dancepads until the owner could no longer afford to keep them up, so on.

This was actually a fairly good thing for the grid, in my eyes. A lot of teens could not buy L$, and fewer were inclined to build or create anything to sell (partially because it cost money to rent stalls at malls or own land, unless you had a generous friend). Although the chairs only paid out very small amounts of L$ at a time, anywhere from 2 to 5 at best, the most I’ve seen being 20, it let the poorer residents at least have a small bit of income. On a grid where a nice set of eyes cost 50L$, a shirt cost 20L$, and a complete furry avatar ran around 200-400L$, these smaller amounts were at least reasonable. Pretty much, even though it took forever, if you had the time and really wanted a particular item, it was worth it.

I don’t know if money chairs are still around. I left the Teen Grid in November of 2009, and around that time, there were quite a few things starting to change that I didn’t really keep up on. My guess is they’re still around, but honestly, I’m not sure where they’d be – Oceanside Mall closed down before I left, and Club Eutopia was down for renovations.

What do you think about the use of money chairs on Teen Grid? Leave a comment! I love feedback and mature discussion.


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